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Submitted by Simon Nicol

Mega-Apocalypse - free c64 game download

I wrote this shoot em' up back in 1987. Mega Apocalypse was the first game that managed to squeeze an extra hardware sound channel out of the Commodore. I found a way of playing sound samples, whilst keeping the screen on, the game running and music playing at the same time. This technique used the NMI (Non maskable interrupt) for maximum speed the speech program was written as self-modifying code located in what is known as the 'zero page' or the memory range located in RAM from 0000-00FF

Mega Apocalypse had fab music written by my friend Rob Hubbard as a sequel the the very well received Crazy Comets sound track.

Mega Apocalypse was published by Martech in 1987 and has become an all-time arcade classic.

Many thanks to Bob Stephenson for his work on the graphics and to the many fans of this game.

Mega Apocalypse is my copyright and I hereby grant anyone reading this notice to freely download and disassemble the code herein, however I would prefer you to get in contact with me if you are using this code for commercial purposes and I release this under the MIT licence.

Thanks for keeping this game alive.

All the best

Simon Nicol
simonnicol at gmail dot com