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Zoids - free c64 game download

Taken from the manual hosted at Jerry's Toys


YOU are EARTHMAN. Landing preparations complete, the descent begins. Suddenly, sensors pick up an unidentifiable object - presumed hostile - approaching your craft at speed. As you make your hurried escape you see your craft explode, dispersing ZOIDZILLA across the landscape.

RED ZOID patrols are sent out and recover the wreckage. As a precaution against the BLUE ZOIDS regaining the pieces of ZOIDZILLA and rebuilding him, they bury the pieces under 8 different city domes.

You manage to avoid the patrols and unload the TANK ZOID which you
brought down in your esospe pod. Now your task is even more perilous, you must first recover the pieces of the mighty ZOIDZILLA and rebuild him before taking on REDHORN THE TERRIBLE.

You climb into the command capsule of your ZOID and merge minds with the machine. lnstantly you are as one. Your eyes are closed, your body motionless. Into your mind the ZOID projects its experiences. The battle begins...