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Earth Orbit Station - free c64 game download

This game has some of the longest loading times ever. It's like there are so many files to load and for every little file it moves to sector 18 to get the data location then moves to the file's sector and back to sector 18 to get the location of the next file and so on.
Right. I don't know what to make of this game. I picked Research after the game finally finished loading and it presented to me screenshot number 2. You've been chosen to become a space director and build a profitable station. I don't have a clue how this is done. I placed some modules on a grind and had to place them in the right location and rotation so they interconnect. Then somehow found my way back to the player menu and picked next turn. That's the best I can make out of it, so apparently it's a turn based financial simulation. If you know a better description be my guest.

Earth Orbit StationEarth Orbit StationEarth Orbit StationEarth Orbit Station