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The High Voltage SID Collection
The HVSC is a collection of sid tunes. Sid tunes are pieces of code that output audio. In other words sid tunes are c64 music.
Sidplay2 Winamp Plugin
In order to play sid tunes you need a program to do so. And if you're using Winamp to play your audio there is a sidplay2 plugin for it.
Pure6581 VST Plugin
lday once created a few c64 emulation vst plugins. So if you're aiming to produce c64like music with a vst host you might want to check that one out. Apparently it's no longer available from the developer's website so I linked a blog where you're able to download it.
C64 TrueType,EOT and Woff fonts
Variable width and monospace c64 fonts. Those fonts will be used on this site soon™
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