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Hypa Ball - free c64 game download

One of the most fun games i played back then.
Back in time i didn't realise this, but now that i have played it again it is a very advanced version of Pong.
This game is playable as single or duo.
You can select up to 3 team members , 2 strikers and 1 grounder. You should figure out which member plays best on which position.
The goal is to hit the moving goal in the middle. Thing is, you can't hold the ball longer than 2 seconds.
It's a fast game , but imagine this game in nowadays technology with nice graphics and first person view, playalbe over the net. Just WOW.
The music altough short and repeatitive is very well done.
Enjoy this game, it's really good.

Hypa BallHypa BallHypa BallHypa Ball