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Wasteland - free c64 game download

Wasteland, the legendary Wasteland. There is so much and yet so little to say about it.
To quote Brian Fargo from the Wasteland 2 Kickstarter Video, "It was one of the first games to have a real sandbox world with cause and effect on both the micro and macro level. It also had moral dilemmas, ones where you would be making choices, tough moral choices that had consequences that ripples through the entire gameplay and that made it very innovative at that time".

You're leading a party of 4 rangers of different origin and profession in a post-apocalyptic world. Character development is level and skill-based. After a certain amount of experience you level up and can radio in to HQ for promotion. Once you've leveled up you get to spend your skill-points. Different skills have different attribute requirements. You can earn experience by doing things in the world. Solve quests, use skills and so on. I won't disclose too much, after all exploring the world is an adventure on its own. You'll stumble on riddles, traps, ambushes, weird things and wonders.

Enjoy this fantastic journey :)