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NATO Commander - free c64 game download

Your kidding was one of my all time classic games like elite title to comd out didnt get much in sales not many went for this game gave up first time i purchased it but with it's strategic game play it is u against an on rushing russik has diffrent difficulty levels from easy to impossible use to play on impossible and clock it for u let the days pass game reset with what u still have left and again have won when on impossible with second wave defeated hard game at first got wiped on easy so takes a bit to get a hang on u take control of nato force u are out numbered at first but have large divisions of infantry mechanized and tank divisions with support units of jets chopper units best to set infantry on mountains with kill box set up armoured units to side of dug in troops when enemy attack use your units to out flank enemy plus support choppers for demoralization of the enemy also has nuke strikes but do too many times in a game will go nuclear holocaust remind me of thermo nuclear war game that played all we are saying is give peace a chance song that this is a good game is understated top on list for c64