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Nebulus - free c64 game download

In this interesting game by Hewson, you must control a wierd little green alien thing and get to the top of a tower. This game can be considered part puzzle, part platformer, because it's not that easy to get to the top. Enemies and trapdoors there to make sure you do not get to the top on time. Speaking of time, you have 100 seconds to reach the top. The alien thing can however kick a ball of some type to destroy certain enemies, so that does the game some justice. Doors and elevators are your main way to reach the top. This game features some incredible parallax scrolling, similar to the towers in Kirby's Adventure. There is even a bonus level where you get in a submarine and shoot fish to collect them for bonus points. When it's game over, you can put your initials in the high score table, similar to an arcade game. There isn't much to say about the sound though. Overall, if you want a challenging game and you a ton of patience, then you will enjoy this game.