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Submitted by HP Bifta

Retrograde - free c64 game download

Retrograde is one of the earlier games made by the C64 game creation geniuses John and Steve Rowlands. This is a shooter with a few interesting twists. The game is based around a lone soldier in his jet-pack vs the usual horde of invading aliens in a mainly but not exclusively defender style game environment ( though without the need to constantly rescue kidnapped peeps).

The main bulk of the game is spent as a small man in his special suit with a jet pack flying around and killing all manner of aliens in the air just above the surface of the planet. As you kill the invading aliens they leave behind crystals which are used as money in the game, though if not picked up they slowly dwindle away and eventually evaporate quite quickly. Once you believe you have enough money you can go to the shop and spend it on all manner of weaponry which you can use to make your job more efficient.

Pretty much whenever you wish you can land and walk along using your powerfist to take out all the land based monsters. All this action is interspersed with the occasional proper platform stages which take place in bunkers under the planet surface and each needs to be entered to move on to the next planet.

Between planets are the big "Boss-fights" which take place in space against huge enemies (usually too big to fit on the screen at one go) which you have to fly around taking out key points in specific orders to destroy them.

As the game goes on you will move from planet to planet repeating the formula but always with even bigger and cooler guns and crazier and harder enemies.

On the actual visuals this isn't the finest looking game made by the rownlands Bros (a.k.a Cyberdyne Systems, The Apex Twins) which is a title reserved for Mayhem in Monsterland or possibly Creatures 2 but is still a good looking game featuring quite a large array of space peeps,aliens, jellyfish and even little ED209(tm)`s wandering around.

The sound is a spectacular job featuring many tunes you will find yourself humming possibly years later, mainly sort of dancy (in fact I`ve heard a couple of the melodies from these tunes used in modern Dance music.) And this is also enhanced with a special music-selector side package which comes built into the loader for the disk version (a seperate load after the main game on Tape) which features a few tunes from the game and a few you may remember know from other Rowlands Brothers work.

As for extra stuff well I can say the game has a simple but very nice intro as well as a top notch title screen and without giving anything away possibly the BEST end-sequence ever seen on the C64. (In my personal opinion its my favourite end sequence ever on any game on any platform.)