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Wizards Crown - free c64 game download

Wizard's Crown is a roleplaying game published by SSI. The following is taken from the game's documentation:

Wizard's Crown is a game of adventures and encounters.
The objective is to locate and retrieve a wizard's crown. You create a party of eight characters, each with personal attributes and professions that determine the skills he will have available for his actions.The adventurers travel, setting out from the Inn, following clues and searching through a town and ruins. There are opportunities to enter buildings, and other places, in which dangerous and delightful events take place.
Be aware that monsters may appear almost anywhere. When they do, you may fight a detailed tactical battle. Or, if you prefer, you may choose to fight quick combat, in which the computer resolves the entire battle in a few seconds.
After a battle, the characters take loot from the monsters, or equipment (sometimes magical) to be used or sold later on. From their adventures, the characters acquire experience which they then use to increase their skills.
While in battle, a character may receive injuries that weaken him for future battles. By returning your party to the Inn, you make it possible to give a wounded character rest and recuperation before you send the party off on further adventures.
As the game begins, you are at the Inn. The computer displays information about the current situation: the time, the names and the status of the members of your party of adventurers, and a set of commands which allow you to take various actions.
You may learn about a current character, remove, improve, outfit or rest a current character, create a new character, distribute money, view the items stored at the Inn, and save the game.
When you are ready to begin your adventures, you leave the Inn.
Return to the Inn when you wish to rest your party or to save the game (writing your characters to the disk). At the upper right hand corner of the screen, the year, day, and time of day are indicated (10/0 DAWN at the start, indicating the tenth year of the reign of Ancus). At the right-hand middle of the screen, the time delay after messages is indicated (5 at the start). The delay is a number from 1 to 9, 1 indicating the shortest, 9 is the longest delay. You may change the delay by typing D. Each time you type D the number increases by 1; after 9, it begins again at 1.

Wizards CrownWizards CrownWizards CrownWizards Crown