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Submitted by Steve Maloney

Blast Ball - free c64 game download

Delighted to see that this game has reached the emulators.

Me & my partner Steve Patrick wrote this specifically for Commodore Disk User, as I recall we were paid the princely sum of £100!

The game is basically an Arkanoid clone, one feature that I made sure happened was that when you got the 'multiball', if you had already collected a larger bat then you kept it, more fun! Hated the way the one in Arkanoid shrank as soon as you got the multiball. Steve P also wrote a cracking editor to design your own maps, unfortunately AFTER I had designed them all on paper - much to my annoyance : )

Steve P went on to be one of the first programmers for RARE & was involved in a lot of well respected titles. I drifted away from computers into music only to return again for a few years to do sound and music for PC, PSX and Dreamcast games such as Lego Island II, Dogs of War, UEFA Champions League and others.

As I recall the game was written using VI on a x286 PC and transferred across, previously we had used the old faithful Mikro Editor.

Hope you enjoy the game

Steve Maloney

Blast Ball